Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Our trip to California was so fun we spent time at Laguna Beach it was so warm and fun the boys loved it. Spencer loved the waves Kaden loved building sandcastles. It was wonderous, we definetely want to go again. We were not really prepared with our swimsuits so we got soaked but loved every minute.

WE had so much fun on the toystory ride and In a Bugs land. Spencer and Kaden loved the water hole there they stuck their heads and their whole bodies in the water I think it was their favorite part of California Adventure, they did not want to leave.

Disneyland was decorated so cute this time of year and the characters were in costumes it was a great time to go. We are so glad we went we want to go again soon. Maybe every couple of years.

Grandma and Kaden were definetely whiped out each night, as you can see we kept going till we dropped.

Spencers favorite part was Jedi training. And "WOW!" it was so cool. Me and Chad were so proud of him he knew all the moves and he even got ot fight Darth Vader. At the end of the day he was telling Grandma all about this and that it was his favorite part. He even said "My dreams really did come true at Disneyland" We thought that was pretty cute.

One of Kadens favorite parts was going to Mickey Mouses house and after that all he could talk about was "Mickey Mouses House" Except he cant say his S's so imagine all that with no S's it sounds pretty funny. But we think hes pretty cute anyways.

Our first ride at Disneyland was Star Tours and it was so fun we went on it twice. Me and Chad also enjoyed space mountain, tower of terror and California Screamin. Chads favorite was Soarin over Califorina.

Kaden loves Buzz lightyear now.

Playoffs was so awesome, that was one of Chads highlights. It ws his birthady present. It was a great way to start off an awesome. We had fun seats with all you could eat goodies and drinks. WE had a great time watching the Dodgers and the Phillies.