Monday, January 19, 2009

Suprise party for Grandma!

Grandma Nancy turned 65 and were so excited to suprise her with a party. She did not know about it at all(I think). Anyways we had a blast. Everyone was there.
All the Grandkids made her and wrote her up some cards. And I know Mom loved them she will cherish them forever along with the memory of this party forever.

It was so fun hearing about all her memories of what she did when she was little, what her favorite things were and hearing about her doll. One of the highlights was Jeffs DVD. Boy it was a blast looking at all the pictures through the years and listening to good music that has memories for all of us. We had a good laugh and some of us even got a little choked up. Thanks so much Jeff you are awesome I am sure you were glued to the computer all week and we appreciate you for it(I still think you should go into business).

We made this sign with some pictures Grandpa gave us and all the grandkids signed it for her.(sorry the sign is a little lopsided)Mom you are getting younger I think.

Jenn C made this sign and it was a hoot. She had so many cute sayings and candy on there, Grandpa was getting so excited about all this candy and then Grandma let the Grankids raid it. I still think Grandpa got a way with a little though.
Thanks so much everyone for all your help and for coming and making this party so much fun for Mom. And thanks Jeff for the use of your Home.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well I have to say Amys blog really inspired me to write more of what my kids say. I just laughed hard at all her kids cute sayings. Mine are full of it too. The other night Chad and Spencer and I were talking about Spencers friends Dad. Spencer said "his Dad must call in sick alot because he walks mine friend to school every day" we laughed and explained to him that his Dad is out of work and it is hard for them to pay for their house and have food and stuff. Then he started to worry, that night Chad was laying by Spencer in bed says to him "stick with it Dad, I really want you to stick with your job, I know you can do it". That made Chad really think and reassure Spencer he will keep his job. Then later he says to me "Mom I think we should take my friend some food because Dad says its hard to buy food because his Dad does not have a job". Children really do have the wheels rolling in their minds. And I love everything they do every day. My brother Steve and his wife write down their childrens saying and get them out every once in a while when they need a good laugh or need to feel inspired. What good examples I have of all my family members to document what your children say. Children make life fun.

New Years Eve

We had a fun New Years Eve despite the turn of events that had taken place the day before and that night, I was out of it on the couch. Chad bought the boys some cute hats and horns to blow which made it fun and we counted down at midnight. I cant believe they both stayed up that long.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

After Christmas Party

The kids had so much fun going to our after Christmas party with the Schramm's. They were all there and so were we except for Dave. We played games and had soup and goodies. It was great.
Kaden loves to play with the kids and he really likes Holli alot.

Spencer had fun playing lazer tag witha ll of his cousins

Chad had fun talking with the guys and playing some fun games of darts and b-ball.

Jo and Dave it was so fun to see them and their cute little boys.

Emily and Stephens Wedding

Im sorry these pictures are backwards of how the day went. But here are the cute server boys.
The three bros just chilling and having a wonderful evening at the Provo Library.

Boston and Kaden make quite the pair.

Kaden really enjoyed the good refreshments and tried to sneak some off the tables as much as he could without getting caught

All my boys looked so cute in their suits it was so fun having the little ones in suits too. And they loved wearing them too.

Spencer and Cooper, good buddies forver. Spencer is already looking forward to when they will get to play again.

Mom and Kaden just chillin at the party.

Wow what good a good looking group! Except for the bawler(that is mine)its been a long day and no naps!

Emily and Stephens first dance. Yay they are married now.

Cutting the cake.(cake fight, cake fight)

So cute together.

Wow what a day. They are legal and so happy. Stephen's Grandpa got to seal them in the temple which was really neat.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gingerbread Men and Santa

Me and the Boys had so much fun making these real gingerbread men. I usually just do sugar cookies but Spencer wanted real gingerbread. So we tried them and they turned out hard as rocks, but they sure had fun decorating them and if we had not have eaten them I am sure we could have saved them for next christmas.

We were at the mall for family night to see Santa and the kids loved it. They told Santa all their wish list and even went on a train ride around the upstairs of the mall. Right when they rode the train my camera died, so no pictures of that but we did have a fun night.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas and Snowmen

Kaden loved Christmas he was so excited to get a vacuum, this kid is obssessed with vacuums and he was in Heaven. He also got some other fun things to keep him entertained also. His favorite part was seeing that Santa Claus ate his milk and cookies and he decided to slick up the plate of crumbs. He loved playing with Brother too, and Grandparents and Cousins christmas night.
Spencer is one cool dude he got a scooter and sure got stocked up on star wars stuff. He had a great day, especially being with family all day having breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa. And then having fun with cousins(especially Cooper) Christmas night.

This truck was my big DI find for 5$ and Kaden loves it, oh my goodness he has been peeling out in it and just going to town literally. And he was trying to get it stuck in the snow here. This kids middle name is "Busy Mischief".

Dad and Spencer were so excited to build this snowman, they spent quite a while on it and then Kaden wanted to help too by packing it down real good to where it fell apart several times. They(well Chad mostly)were quite dissapointed though when they made the head too big for the BYU football helmet to fit on it so they decided on a baseball hat and then later put a post office safari hat on it. We love the snow.