Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer contined...

Wow we sure had a great summer. It is hard to keep up on blogging about it all. But the boys loved especially playing in the water. We got them a slip n slide and it was great.
We had a lot of hot days mostly in July and August. June was a bit chilly though. Kaden just cracked me up he would just run across it and keep running. Spence would do a "pete rose" thats what he called it evey time it was great.

Another fun summer activity we did was go to the softball park to watch watch Chad play on a team, and as you can see the boys loved going and playing ball on the fields after the game.

These two really are best buddies at first we worried about the age differnce but Kaden adores Spencer. And Spence is really good protective big brother. They do tease a little and a lot but they really do love each other.

Oh the sweet days of summer. I have to just soak it up, I wish it could be this way forever. Arent pictures fun? They help our memories last forever.

Monday, August 10, 2009


We have had such a fun and eventful summer. June was a little chilley, so I am glad I got the boys in swim lessons in July. It was great I was so proud of both of them. Spencers swimming was like the highlight of my whole summer. I was worried for a while that he would be like me in the swim pool(not too graceful). I love the water but am not a good swimmer. I am so glad he has the Vests genes for swimming. He just loves the water now and he goes off the diving board and he has a great stroke. I am sorry I am done bragging now. Onto my next little guy Kaden, he did great too. We did Mommy and me and Miss Debbie is just our favorite teacher. Kaden had a little fear at first but by the end of the week he loved the water too. In a few years he will swim like a fish just like Spencer. And Chad did the best thing for all of us this summer he bought a swim pass. I hope it stills stays warm for a couple more weeks so we can use it all. And then off to the Orem rec this winter. Yay! More to come soon on our adventures this summer...