Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spencers Wrestling

We signed up Spencer for wrestling this year. It, we found out, is a very busy sport. He had 2 matches, and 1 practice every week. Spencer did very well. He tried hard and he is very fast. His favorite part was practicing with his Dad. Spencer and Chad would "train". They would watch Rocky, and then do situps, pushups, jog and lift weights. Then Chad would teach him some moves.

Spencer had a tournament mid December and they wanted him to wrestle 3 times or more. Well we could barely talk Spencer into wrestling more then once during the weekly matches, so how were we supposed to get him to wrestle all of all of this at the tournament. He did end up wrestling twice and he pinned the kid on the first match and he lost the second match. Spencer had lots of fans support him the whole time. Me, Chad, and Kaden(of course). And then Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Frans, Grandma Rowene, and Grandpa Billy, Gracie, Maggie, Chase and Cassi too. Thanks so much for all your cheers. Sufficeth to say we dont know if he will be doing this next year, it was not his favorite sport but he was a good sport to try it and not give up. We are very proud of him.

Hallowen Pictures

Sorry I have not put these pictures on until now. First of all my camera chip broke first of all so my pictures were lost but with the help of Jeffrey we found them again. Then our computer has a virus so it would not let me even into my blog. But as you can see we had a great Halloween, our favorite trick or treater was Emily and she made our night. Her Stephen was gone so she was kind of sad, so we tried to cheer her up.
Sorry this is upside down, sometimes we do not know what we are doing when it comes to computers. Anyways Kaden loves Teletubbies so my mom made him his own little teletubby costume, custom made for him the color blue with a Y on the head(hmm I wonder what that stands for?) Anyways he had so much fun going door to door with Brother and Dad.

Spencers dreams came true at Disneyland and he wanted the dream to live on at home by being Obi Won Kenobi for Halloween. And boy did he play the part well. He loves everything Star Wars(we'll see what christmas brings). Theres a little baseball in him too(how can there not be, coming from Vest blood) He the Halloween parade at school with all his budddies and especially all the treats he saved while brother ate all his in one night and later wanted Spencers.

Chad had the funnest of all, he is just a big kid at Halloween. He especially loved wearing Spencers BYU helmet all over the neighborhood to show his support for his favorite team. What a hotty!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Our trip to California was so fun we spent time at Laguna Beach it was so warm and fun the boys loved it. Spencer loved the waves Kaden loved building sandcastles. It was wonderous, we definetely want to go again. We were not really prepared with our swimsuits so we got soaked but loved every minute.

WE had so much fun on the toystory ride and In a Bugs land. Spencer and Kaden loved the water hole there they stuck their heads and their whole bodies in the water I think it was their favorite part of California Adventure, they did not want to leave.

Disneyland was decorated so cute this time of year and the characters were in costumes it was a great time to go. We are so glad we went we want to go again soon. Maybe every couple of years.

Grandma and Kaden were definetely whiped out each night, as you can see we kept going till we dropped.

Spencers favorite part was Jedi training. And "WOW!" it was so cool. Me and Chad were so proud of him he knew all the moves and he even got ot fight Darth Vader. At the end of the day he was telling Grandma all about this and that it was his favorite part. He even said "My dreams really did come true at Disneyland" We thought that was pretty cute.

One of Kadens favorite parts was going to Mickey Mouses house and after that all he could talk about was "Mickey Mouses House" Except he cant say his S's so imagine all that with no S's it sounds pretty funny. But we think hes pretty cute anyways.

Our first ride at Disneyland was Star Tours and it was so fun we went on it twice. Me and Chad also enjoyed space mountain, tower of terror and California Screamin. Chads favorite was Soarin over Califorina.

Kaden loves Buzz lightyear now.

Playoffs was so awesome, that was one of Chads highlights. It ws his birthady present. It was a great way to start off an awesome. We had fun seats with all you could eat goodies and drinks. WE had a great time watching the Dodgers and the Phillies.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dawson my new darling nephew

This is exciting news my nephew Dawson Teancum Christensen was born on September 18. We are so hapy to have the little cutie in our family. He was in the hospital for a few days with pneumonia so it took me a while to spread the news I wanted to get pictures to go with my blog post so here it is. He will be the second boy in the Christensen family to carry on the name. We are very excited to have another boy in our family to play with(but we could use a few more girls in the future too). That makes me a little baby hungry myself. Now we look forward to another little boy in the Vest/Lee family. We love you all.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We have had a great fall so far , full of fun new things. It is getting a little cooler which is very nice. We have lots of news in the Vest family. Spencer started kindergarten, he totally loves it and little brother wishes he could go to. But he has fun staying home with Mom. We exercise together and read books(that is his favorite thing to do). Emily, Kaden and Spencers Aunt, is engaged to marry the greatest guy ever Steven Covey. They will be married December 26 in the Salt Lake Temple. Our Kids just adore him and Kaden calls him "Baby". Also BYU football has started and you know how obsessed Chad is with this. We are all really excited this year about this especially because Steven plays on the team. We had a yard sale this fall and it was great, but hard work. The kids loved it. Spencer and Kaden bought a lot of their own stuff back with pennies. And Spencer was so funny, he got mad at the cat and said if he did not shape up we were going to sell him at the yard sale too. On a sad but wonderful note, My Grandpa passed away on September 16 he was 94 and ready to go. He lived a great long life. My Grandma passed away about 18 years ago. So he has been alone for a while now,he loved to work hard and visit with family and friends. He loved gardening and playing his harmonica. We will miss him, but we all rejoice in his reunion with Grandma. They are now "running through green fields together hand in hand" quote given by My Dad in his closing remarks at the funeral.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi Everyone we finally have figured out how to do pictures on our blog. We have still yet to figure out music, Sara helped us one time with some music thank you. And Jen helped us with our background and thank you to her too. Anyways we have had a great summer this is just a little clip of a fun work party we went to for Chad. It was at night and the weather was sort of chilly, but the water was sooo warm. It was a blast the boys loved it. The water was shallow and that was nice we did not have to worry too much about the business of our boys. And the pool was rented out and there was only like 20 people swimming. We will update on a few more summer pictures and start in on school. I am not as a good a writer as my talented sports writer husband but we will both try to keep everyone updated.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Howdy, we haven't written for awhile so here's what's new and interesting in our life. Jenn is busy being a mom which includes professions such as nursing, teaching, pyschology, house cleaning, babysitting or you name it. She enjoys being a mom very much and she does a great job. She had a really nice mother's day. Spencer and I made her french toast for breakfast and we had a real good time at both our parents homes with family members. Jenn also still does some storytime felt parties and sells the material now and then. She hasn't subbed as much this year because two children of five and under keeps you on your toes. Jenn is in good shape and walks and jogs at least three times per week either on our treadmill or outside with Kaden in the stroller. She is also busy as an activities committee leader in our church. She helps plan and coordinate fun activities for the young women and it takes up some of her time during the day each week. Jenn's favorite time is when we all sit down for dinner together (and she is a creative good cook) or when we all sit down to watch a movie together. She and I (Chad) went to a Jazz-Rockets playoff game in April at Energy Solutions Arena and had a blast. We also will be traveling to Arizona in September to hopefully watch John Beck lead the Dolphins to a win over the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale. We also are excited to attend a Police concert in July. Jenn had to get tickets because she's always had a thing for Sting. I'm still delivering mail and we just finished another year of the food drive on Saturday May 10th. I enjoy delivering mail outside with my satellite radio keeping me company during the day. I'm still writing sports stories for the SF News and Salem Hills Courier. It's a great hobby/side job for me even though it takes up a good chunk of time sometimes but I love doing it. I'd love to make it big time someday and write for a magazine or something but if not, I'd be content to write for businesses that need someone to outline their material in print or on the web. I plan on returning to UVU to finish a bachelor's degree in Communications. My home life with family is great. They are good to support me in this writing ambition. We love playing together inside and outside. Spencer is learning to love baseball more and more. He has a good swing and a pretty good arm for his size. He played his first Tee-ball game Saturday and hit two good hits. His first hit went up the middle to center field and he later smoked one to left field. He also dove after a couple of balls and got some grass stains on his baseball pants. He plays for the Pirates and we're so excited to coach and watch him and his teammates. It's a great age and the kids are having fun. They even had a Mapleton city parade for all of the baseball and softball players on Saturday. Our players rode in the back of Grandpa Francis truck with two huge yellow signs taped on each side of the truck with their names and team logo. There was over a thousand people in attendance in little the smaller community. He also had fun playing soccer this year at the SF sports park. He is a good goalie with good hands and he hustled back and forth and made some good kicks. Next year he will be in kindergarten and he's had a good experience in preschool. Spencer loves playing with his neighbor friends either, playing toys, baseball, watching movies or whatever. His favorite TV show is Zac and Cody and he likes all of the Disney channels. Spence is a good helper for his mom and he loves playing with Kaden everyday. Kaden teases everyone in the family. He makes us laugh a lot when he does this because he opens his mouth to laugh and his full set of teeth with his two upper front teeth which are a little long with his smile and laugh just makes us laugh and want to squeeze him. When we run after him, he quickly turns and takes off in a mischeivous way. I don't know where he got his teasing from. Both boys enjoy listening to dad's ipod and each puts a earphone in one ear to share. Kaden also practices baseball outside with Spencer and hits the ball off the tee a little bit. He wore a batting helmet at Spencer's first game and wanted to go hit. Last week Jenn accepted some kittens from a lady and it's hilarious to see Kaden with them both. He meows a lot and just adores those two pets and is genuinely concerned for them. Kaden's most famous words today are mama and dada. He also says baseball and football and grandma and papa. He has a sweet tooth for cookies and anything else just like his dad. When we sing to him at night he tries to sing along too. He plays real well with Spencer and they love playing with toys together. He has learned to say hello and he loves to nod his head to music. He is real busy body and can get into almost anything with the pull of a chair. He follows Spencer and dad and mimics them during the day. Right now he is into my electric shaver and he's shaving his face. He is into everything. We love being parents with all the fun times and challenges. We hope the Jazz can win game five and finish it out in game six but I wouldn't bet on it. Kobe would play with a broken leg if he had to. I hope they beat him and Phil Jackson because I don't really like either of them but I'm amazed to how Kobe can do almost anything at will. But D-Will will step up and take us to the promised land. We're banking on BYU to bust the BCS but Max Hall has to remain at the helm of the offense to get it done. He can't go down with a serious injury because the quarterback depth drops after him. Sports Illustrated said that BYU may have the best shot of all the mid-major conferences of busting the BCS this year. I think they will if they get past their early games against Washington (on the road) and UCLA at home. Hope all is well. Chad, Jenn, Spencer and Kaden Vest