Friday, September 26, 2008

Dawson my new darling nephew

This is exciting news my nephew Dawson Teancum Christensen was born on September 18. We are so hapy to have the little cutie in our family. He was in the hospital for a few days with pneumonia so it took me a while to spread the news I wanted to get pictures to go with my blog post so here it is. He will be the second boy in the Christensen family to carry on the name. We are very excited to have another boy in our family to play with(but we could use a few more girls in the future too). That makes me a little baby hungry myself. Now we look forward to another little boy in the Vest/Lee family. We love you all.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We have had a great fall so far , full of fun new things. It is getting a little cooler which is very nice. We have lots of news in the Vest family. Spencer started kindergarten, he totally loves it and little brother wishes he could go to. But he has fun staying home with Mom. We exercise together and read books(that is his favorite thing to do). Emily, Kaden and Spencers Aunt, is engaged to marry the greatest guy ever Steven Covey. They will be married December 26 in the Salt Lake Temple. Our Kids just adore him and Kaden calls him "Baby". Also BYU football has started and you know how obsessed Chad is with this. We are all really excited this year about this especially because Steven plays on the team. We had a yard sale this fall and it was great, but hard work. The kids loved it. Spencer and Kaden bought a lot of their own stuff back with pennies. And Spencer was so funny, he got mad at the cat and said if he did not shape up we were going to sell him at the yard sale too. On a sad but wonderful note, My Grandpa passed away on September 16 he was 94 and ready to go. He lived a great long life. My Grandma passed away about 18 years ago. So he has been alone for a while now,he loved to work hard and visit with family and friends. He loved gardening and playing his harmonica. We will miss him, but we all rejoice in his reunion with Grandma. They are now "running through green fields together hand in hand" quote given by My Dad in his closing remarks at the funeral.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi Everyone we finally have figured out how to do pictures on our blog. We have still yet to figure out music, Sara helped us one time with some music thank you. And Jen helped us with our background and thank you to her too. Anyways we have had a great summer this is just a little clip of a fun work party we went to for Chad. It was at night and the weather was sort of chilly, but the water was sooo warm. It was a blast the boys loved it. The water was shallow and that was nice we did not have to worry too much about the business of our boys. And the pool was rented out and there was only like 20 people swimming. We will update on a few more summer pictures and start in on school. I am not as a good a writer as my talented sports writer husband but we will both try to keep everyone updated.