Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hallowen Pictures

Sorry I have not put these pictures on until now. First of all my camera chip broke first of all so my pictures were lost but with the help of Jeffrey we found them again. Then our computer has a virus so it would not let me even into my blog. But as you can see we had a great Halloween, our favorite trick or treater was Emily and she made our night. Her Stephen was gone so she was kind of sad, so we tried to cheer her up.
Sorry this is upside down, sometimes we do not know what we are doing when it comes to computers. Anyways Kaden loves Teletubbies so my mom made him his own little teletubby costume, custom made for him the color blue with a Y on the head(hmm I wonder what that stands for?) Anyways he had so much fun going door to door with Brother and Dad.

Spencers dreams came true at Disneyland and he wanted the dream to live on at home by being Obi Won Kenobi for Halloween. And boy did he play the part well. He loves everything Star Wars(we'll see what christmas brings). Theres a little baseball in him too(how can there not be, coming from Vest blood) He the Halloween parade at school with all his budddies and especially all the treats he saved while brother ate all his in one night and later wanted Spencers.

Chad had the funnest of all, he is just a big kid at Halloween. He especially loved wearing Spencers BYU helmet all over the neighborhood to show his support for his favorite team. What a hotty!

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