Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi Everyone we finally have figured out how to do pictures on our blog. We have still yet to figure out music, Sara helped us one time with some music thank you. And Jen helped us with our background and thank you to her too. Anyways we have had a great summer this is just a little clip of a fun work party we went to for Chad. It was at night and the weather was sort of chilly, but the water was sooo warm. It was a blast the boys loved it. The water was shallow and that was nice we did not have to worry too much about the business of our boys. And the pool was rented out and there was only like 20 people swimming. We will update on a few more summer pictures and start in on school. I am not as a good a writer as my talented sports writer husband but we will both try to keep everyone updated.


Jenn said...

HI Jenn
The blog looks great!! Do you still want to go to NKOTB??

vest said...

wahoo! i LOVE the updates! great job! hope to see more soon and we sure were sorry to hear of your loss. love you all and can't wait to see you again!