Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun at Classic Skating

We were invited to Stephen's sister Mckinleys birthday party and they had it at classic skating. It was kind of funny but at the wedding Stephens little brother Brittan loved playing with all the kids so much he wanted to invite Spencer and Kaden to the party. And it was a blast. They rented out the whole roller skating rink.
Spencer had so much fun on his scooter at the party he was going so fast around that rink he is a real pro now. He even tried roller blading and was a great sport. He did not like it too much though. Sorry to say he might be like me and Chad neither of us can roller skate.

Kaden had plenty of company there. Him and Brittan played the video games and got toys and treats he was in heaven.

Spencer and Emily tried their hand at air hockey(I love this game)they were quite the pair. I was not sure who won but I know it was close.

Emily and Stephen had fun playing the video games together(what a cute couple, and kids at heart. Yes I was the photographer, so no pictures of me but I was there too having a blast and no I did not brave it in the rink but I had good helpers(Stephen and Emily took the kids around). I am not as good of the writer as Chad so I apologize, my wrting is not as fun and detailed as his. But I am good at downloading pictures. It is getting harder for Chad to find time to do things he is in school now too.


Green Acres said...

Awww skating!! When I was in 3rd grade, until about 6th grade, I skated everywhere! I had my BIG headphones, I remember jiving to Cool & the Gang, "Celebration"...haha! I saw retro skates just like mine at the sporting goods store at the Orem Mall...for a minute I thought about it. They even have the rubber stoppers on the front! So fun to see your pictures!!!

Joe and Amy said...

I just ate a chocolate chip and thought of those yummy cookies you made for us for the ride home. They were really good. You are so nice! We had a fun time seeing you guys and getting a bite at Jason's Deli. That was a fun place!

The party sounds fun and I love to read what you write. You put plenty of details in, both of you do a great job!

Take care! Love, Amy

sara and wade said...

how fun! i haven't been to a skating rink in ages!! what a great idea! looks like you guys had a blast! we love ya and miss ya lots! keep updating! i love to see them!