Monday, January 19, 2009

Suprise party for Grandma!

Grandma Nancy turned 65 and were so excited to suprise her with a party. She did not know about it at all(I think). Anyways we had a blast. Everyone was there.
All the Grandkids made her and wrote her up some cards. And I know Mom loved them she will cherish them forever along with the memory of this party forever.

It was so fun hearing about all her memories of what she did when she was little, what her favorite things were and hearing about her doll. One of the highlights was Jeffs DVD. Boy it was a blast looking at all the pictures through the years and listening to good music that has memories for all of us. We had a good laugh and some of us even got a little choked up. Thanks so much Jeff you are awesome I am sure you were glued to the computer all week and we appreciate you for it(I still think you should go into business).

We made this sign with some pictures Grandpa gave us and all the grandkids signed it for her.(sorry the sign is a little lopsided)Mom you are getting younger I think.

Jenn C made this sign and it was a hoot. She had so many cute sayings and candy on there, Grandpa was getting so excited about all this candy and then Grandma let the Grankids raid it. I still think Grandpa got a way with a little though.
Thanks so much everyone for all your help and for coming and making this party so much fun for Mom. And thanks Jeff for the use of your Home.

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