Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We had a great Easter. First on Saturday we had a fun Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Nancys and I forgot my camera so no pictures yet, but maybe I bum some off everyone else. Anyways the kids had so much fun it was a little wet but the kids still had fun finding all the easter eggs outside and then they just love to play together. This picture is at Grandma Rowenes Eatser egg hunt it was in there house and the kids ran around looking in each room it was great. The kids loved Spending time with their cousins.

Stephen and Emily had another Eatser Egg hunt at his parents home and they invited us. It was great the biys loved running around and playing and finding eggs.

Spencer, Kaden and Baby. Spencer and Kaden had fun playing basketball and football and riding the 4-wheeler while Chad kicked a few footballs to Emily(he is getting ready for BYU tryouts ).

Spence and Kaden had a blast on Eatser Morning when the Eatser bunny left them a note and sen them on and Easter Egg hunt they went all around the house and some of the yard and finally found their baskets full of fun goodies in the basement.

Spencer and Kaden love to die and decorate easter eggs. They had cars(that are actually in cars) and kung fu Panda, Chad is the blue Y egg(of cours). Andd Moms egg is flowers we have to have a little girliness in this house


Joe and Amy said...

Jenn, You are such a fun mom. What great Easter activities. I love that you sent them on a hunt to find their Easter surprises. That's fun!

I hope Spencer's ear is giving him less trouble and starts to heal up quickly. We miss you guys!

sara and wade said...

so cute!!! sad i missed the festivities... thanks for sharing them with me!! :)

Rachelle said...

Those are cute pics! I haven't been to your blog for a while. :)
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