Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Break

Over spring break we had so much fun. I know this is a late blog(a few months too late.) BUt I just had to blog these pictures of the fun the kids had. These pictures are kind of backwords but I will just tell it as the pictures appear.

WE went on Friday to a really fun aquarium in Salt Lake. It was really fun. There was lots of different rooms with different types of sea animlas and all kinds of kid friendly things to do. Spencer loved the jelly fish, octopus, and alligators. He also got to touch a sting ray.

This is a pirate ship we saw there, the kids loved to play there and all the fun spots. WE saw the sharks near there and some turtles. We dont have many pictures of Kaden having fun here. He was so scared he did not like it at all. He just ran away. It was pretty funny maybe when he is older we will take him back.

Spencer got to drive a pretend boat and haul us all around. He felt so big.

Thursday we went to the Lehi Pool. It was packed everyone in Utah County was there. But the kids loved it. It was so fun.

The whole pool is very kid friendly, shallow everywhere, no one really has to worry about their kids to much. There was big playgrounds, slides and a big bucket of water that spilled every few minutes. Kaden loved that(Ha Ha).

Wednesday we went bowling at the West Mountain lanes. We had a great time. Spencer is getting pretty good he had fun bowling with Jeffs girls. And I think he might have been in the lead at the end. He was pretty proud. I think I was in last in my group oh well, so Im not great at bowling, big deal.

Kaden just had fun sitting on the computer, that said "do not sit here." And he is very stubborn and would not move and he loved pushing all the buttons. This kid definetely goes against the grain, he is busy and keeps our lives full of fun and lots of laughs.

We had a great Spring Break maybe next year we can get Chad in on the fun too. And maybe go on a trip or do some fun stuff around here again.

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