Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer contined...

Wow we sure had a great summer. It is hard to keep up on blogging about it all. But the boys loved especially playing in the water. We got them a slip n slide and it was great.
We had a lot of hot days mostly in July and August. June was a bit chilly though. Kaden just cracked me up he would just run across it and keep running. Spence would do a "pete rose" thats what he called it evey time it was great.

Another fun summer activity we did was go to the softball park to watch watch Chad play on a team, and as you can see the boys loved going and playing ball on the fields after the game.

These two really are best buddies at first we worried about the age differnce but Kaden adores Spencer. And Spence is really good protective big brother. They do tease a little and a lot but they really do love each other.

Oh the sweet days of summer. I have to just soak it up, I wish it could be this way forever. Arent pictures fun? They help our memories last forever.


Joe and Amy said...

"Oh the sweet days of summer" is right. Those boys are so cute. We miss seeing the boys in their costumes for Halloween. So glad Chad sent us a picture on the cell phone. They are such good brothers to one another. They are such a good example for good parents.

maria cicera said...

Família vest, estou super feliz por tê-los encontrado, e ver que estão todos bem e com saúde.Vçs são super abençoados,pois são unidos e super amáveis uns com os outros. Aguardo retorno desta mensagem.
toda boa sorte do mundo p/ vç´s.
orkut.maria cicera da silva(maceió)

Bill and Rowene Vest said...

They are the best of friends and are such good boys. I love how Spencer has taken such an active interest in ball this year. It has been so fun to watch him grow and develop. He and Kaden are such good boys, we are so proud to call them our grandchildren. We are so blessed to have you so close. We love you guys!