Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kids will be Kids

Having children is the biggest blessings in our lives. Some days get crazy and I am wiped out about every night but it is all worth it. I always wonder how people can do it with alot of kids. These two are just the funniest they are always dressing up doing funny things here they are star wars guys but Kaden wanted to where his cowboy hat too.
Here are my little cooks in the kitchen. Kaden just loves to cook every minute he can. And Spencer loves to try it out but gets to busy teasing Kaden. They are starting to play together really well. And Grandma Nancy made them these cute aprons of our favorite team.

The boys really wanted kittens. So we got some from Steve and Rachelle. The boys were so excited Spencer named his Nike(the black one) and Kaden named his Bolt(the white one). Spencer got very comfy with them and loved to hold them and play. Kaden liked them from a distance. The kittens were really cute, they would wrestle and play together well. But we never have good luck with cats and they have ran away now. That lasted about 2 months. They were cat #5 and #6 since we have been married. I dont know if we will be able to talk Chad into getting any more. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

This picture cracks me up. In April the boys wanted to get in the little swimming pool and it was cold. So I tol d Spencer maybe in the summer. Well he listened but I looked a minute later and Kaden had dragged out the pool and was filling it up. Oh well it was fun then they found these big long water squirters they are holding here ,and just had a ball squirting each other and the cats. Fun, fun I cant wait till thi summer we have a lot of fun stuff planned.

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Bill and Rowene Vest said...

Are they the cutest kids in the world. Jen, you are such a good mom and provide Spence and Kaden with such great activities to enjoy. They will have a great summer. We are excited for the sun to come out and enjoy the warmth of its rays. Sounds like Mesquite was just what the two of you needed. It was fun to see you having such a good time.