Monday, June 8, 2009


Hey here is Beaner. Well sorry I always download my pictures backwords. Here is the afterparty at Graduation it was very fun at Grandma Nancys. I gave Justine a little Strawberry shortcake doll. It was something her and Kimber used to love to play with when I used to tend them when they were really little ,and I promised each of them I would give them one when they graduated. I dont know it is silly I guess but it just brings back fun memeries for me.
Justine looks so cute and we are so proud of the graduate. Have fun at snow. I know you will loved it there and now it has so much more stuff there then when I was there.

Woo Hoo!

Here I Spencer at his graduation from Kindergarten with me and Chad and Kaden. It was so fun the Teachers were great this year.

Here he is with his Grandmas and Grandpas to support him. We are so lucky to have them both here. He loves going to both their houses so much. Sometimes more then his own.

Kaden just loves his big brother so much and wants to be just like him.

Spencer had a great time he knew all the songs, he still gos around the house singing them and Kaden even is learning to sing them too.

Spencer loved kindergarten. His best friend is right by him in the black little suit. His name is Daniel they are great buddies they both can not wait to go first grade now ans have 2 recesses and eat lunch at the schooll.

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Bill and Rowene Vest said...


I love your blog! You are doing a great job!!! Your pictures of Justine are so cute. I love your thoughtfulness with the Shortcake dolls. That too brings back memories with my girls especially Amy. Spence looks so cute in his graduation outfit. He has had such a great year.

Your mom and dad are such great support to you and Chad. We appreciate them also. Keep up the great blog. We love to celebrate any event with those cute kids.