Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Is there anything better then t-ball. We have had so much fun watching Spencer play t-ball this year. He has loved it too. He is getting so much better at it too. Chad had a lot of fun being one of his coaches. Spencer has always been lucky to have great coaches in every sport he has done.

Chad and Spencer would practice almost every night. Chad is a great teacher. Spencer is now learning how to catch and does great in the outfield too.

We cant wait till next year to see if he will go the next level which is pitch baseball. I am not sure Spanish Fork is pretty strict on the ages and stuff, so he might be doing t-ball again either way its great. He just has fun and so do we. And little Kaden is chomping at the bit to get his turn too.


Joe and Amy said...

So cute! My mom said he did really well this year. Can't wait to see you in a few days.

sara and wade said...

yay for t-ball!! what great times! we sure can't wait to see ya this weekend!! love ya!