Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well I have to say Amys blog really inspired me to write more of what my kids say. I just laughed hard at all her kids cute sayings. Mine are full of it too. The other night Chad and Spencer and I were talking about Spencers friends Dad. Spencer said "his Dad must call in sick alot because he walks mine friend to school every day" we laughed and explained to him that his Dad is out of work and it is hard for them to pay for their house and have food and stuff. Then he started to worry, that night Chad was laying by Spencer in bed says to him "stick with it Dad, I really want you to stick with your job, I know you can do it". That made Chad really think and reassure Spencer he will keep his job. Then later he says to me "Mom I think we should take my friend some food because Dad says its hard to buy food because his Dad does not have a job". Children really do have the wheels rolling in their minds. And I love everything they do every day. My brother Steve and his wife write down their childrens saying and get them out every once in a while when they need a good laugh or need to feel inspired. What good examples I have of all my family members to document what your children say. Children make life fun.

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Joe and Amy said...

Your comment box is hard for me to find, it's kind of invisible, on my computer anyway.

I love what you wrote down. You guys are such good parents. Isn't it amazing how much they listen when we don't really think they are. How sweet of Spencer to worry about his little friend, and how funny that he associates calling in sick with getting a dad to walk to school with him.

I don't think my kids know that you can call in sick...if they did I think they would be poisoning their dad to get him home more often!

We miss you guys! But getting to see your blog makes us feel a little closer, at least in spirit!