Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gingerbread Men and Santa

Me and the Boys had so much fun making these real gingerbread men. I usually just do sugar cookies but Spencer wanted real gingerbread. So we tried them and they turned out hard as rocks, but they sure had fun decorating them and if we had not have eaten them I am sure we could have saved them for next christmas.

We were at the mall for family night to see Santa and the kids loved it. They told Santa all their wish list and even went on a train ride around the upstairs of the mall. Right when they rode the train my camera died, so no pictures of that but we did have a fun night.


Joe and Amy said...

How fun! You can always tell the real thing by how hard they are. I agree, they aren't very much fun to eat when they are so hard, but they sure are great for decorating.

I want to try using a soft ginger cookie recipe next time I make them. I wondering if I'll get that nice ginger-y flavor with out the rock hardness. :)

sara and wade said...

yum! sounds like a fun time decorating. i've never made gingerbread cookies... i'll have to try it out sometime. i'm sure wade would love it just as much as spence and kayden... i like to call him the forever child. it keeps us young at heart. love you guys! and i'm thinking of you! take care! hopefully we'll get to see you guys soon!