Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas and Snowmen

Kaden loved Christmas he was so excited to get a vacuum, this kid is obssessed with vacuums and he was in Heaven. He also got some other fun things to keep him entertained also. His favorite part was seeing that Santa Claus ate his milk and cookies and he decided to slick up the plate of crumbs. He loved playing with Brother too, and Grandparents and Cousins christmas night.
Spencer is one cool dude he got a scooter and sure got stocked up on star wars stuff. He had a great day, especially being with family all day having breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa. And then having fun with cousins(especially Cooper) Christmas night.

This truck was my big DI find for 5$ and Kaden loves it, oh my goodness he has been peeling out in it and just going to town literally. And he was trying to get it stuck in the snow here. This kids middle name is "Busy Mischief".

Dad and Spencer were so excited to build this snowman, they spent quite a while on it and then Kaden wanted to help too by packing it down real good to where it fell apart several times. They(well Chad mostly)were quite dissapointed though when they made the head too big for the BYU football helmet to fit on it so they decided on a baseball hat and then later put a post office safari hat on it. We love the snow.

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