Saturday, January 10, 2009

Emily and Stephens Wedding

Im sorry these pictures are backwards of how the day went. But here are the cute server boys.
The three bros just chilling and having a wonderful evening at the Provo Library.

Boston and Kaden make quite the pair.

Kaden really enjoyed the good refreshments and tried to sneak some off the tables as much as he could without getting caught

All my boys looked so cute in their suits it was so fun having the little ones in suits too. And they loved wearing them too.

Spencer and Cooper, good buddies forver. Spencer is already looking forward to when they will get to play again.

Mom and Kaden just chillin at the party.

Wow what good a good looking group! Except for the bawler(that is mine)its been a long day and no naps!

Emily and Stephens first dance. Yay they are married now.

Cutting the cake.(cake fight, cake fight)

So cute together.

Wow what a day. They are legal and so happy. Stephen's Grandpa got to seal them in the temple which was really neat.

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